Friday, October 25, 2013

Sew it begins...

I am now the owner of a Ellure Plus Baby Lock for for embroidering, sewing, and doing applique.  Ive had it for about 3 weeks now but haven't had an opportunity to take a class so i am a learn at your own pace kinda gal as of right now.  Here are some of the projects i have done.  ( I forgot to take a picture of a few) They aren't perfect but im having fun and learning.   I hope to after Christmas began taking orders and making a little side business out of it to get a little income off of it and hopefully pay for all the stuff i keep buying. 

Pumpkin onesies for Pressley

Beach Towel Lettering

For Pressley Jo McGlothlin 

Monogrammed Sweatshirt (KLB)

For Pressley ( J looks like a backwards G?)

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Lots of awesome creativity here!!