Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paint on the walls-

While i cant do anything in the bathroom and my upstairs is toar up i decided to put some paint on the walls in the spare room.  I also found this rug at a yard sale for $35.  I can live with that!


Well we are at week 9 of this bathroom ordeal.  2 failed proflo tubs later, Ferguson's upgraded us.  We now have the Kohler Mariposa bathtub.  She is described as a beauty With her delicate curves and an hourglass shape, the Mariposa bath brings harmony to your bathroom's design. The slip-resistant bottom surface offers extra traction and safety. A tile flange helps protect the bathing area from water damage.

Either way she is installed and now just waiting for Nu-Look to return from their mission trip to Mexico to finish dry wall and get this party moving along.  Is it bad im kinda upset they left for a mission trip 9 weeks into this ordeal.  Also im getting a little nervous on how much this bathroom is going to cost above the quoted price.

Curious Little Stella Kat

Behind Bars
My only concern now is how well is this fiberglass tub is going to hold up.