Friday, May 29, 2015

Baby L Announcement

A little background may help as to why we went with the bicycle theme for our announcement...
And the pièce de résistance is that when David and I started dating seriously, David rode his bike from his Evansville Indiana to Louisville Kentucky to come see me.  The trip started off as a random idea to a fundraiser for a mission trip he and a few friends were going to take.
Then on our wedding day in New Harmony Indiana we stumbled upon an awesome tandem bicycle for a photo opt and quick ride around town.  If you haven’t tried riding a tandem bicycle with a wedding dress on well you’re just missing out and or don’t have the skills I do, ha-ha.  Now on vacation we always end up on a tandem bike even if it results in me getting slammed into a light pole. (Thanks David) It only felt fitting to make our baby announcement with a yellow tandem bike from our wedding to this vintage tricycle we borrowed from a friend.    Now we are headed in the same direction! 
Added a little message in there as a reminder of the love, prayer, and medical helped we are thankful for in creating this child!
So therein lies the story of the bicycle pregnancy announcement. We are so very excited!


So, here we are. Over three years later, and God has blessed us with this absolute miracle. WE ARE PREGNANT. We have prayed for so long. Looking back, I never would have thought that this would all be possible. I believed that we couldn’t have children. I had accepted that but continued with 3 iui’s and 3 ivf cycles.  But God said no to my doubts. He answered our prayer.

Just let that soak in for a minute.
He answered our prayer.
In His own way and in His own timing.

This season of life has felt long and tiresome. Looking back now, I see that this was for our learning and maturing. This forced us to rely fully on Christ Jesus, and to draw nigh unto Him. We’ve learned to be patient, to trust, to give it to God, to wait…and it has been worth it.

We have been praising God ever since we found out. He deserves the glory and honor for this answer to prayer. We are truly blessed with a miracle only He could do.

And although we’ve crossed a pregnancy threshold after hearing that heartbeat\seeing our baby and going into our 2nd trimester, I’m still cautious. Every cold I get, every time I have a cramp or anything, I panic and run to Dr. Google, which is hardly ever reassuring. After all the ups and downs of IVF, I don’t think that part of me will ever go away. But I also have an underlying layer of deep thankfulness and joy pointing the way forward. It's this that makes every shot, every pill, every setback, and all of the tears worth it. I want every woman out there going through infertility to know that I remember. I know how strong you are and what you're going through. I hope you are surrounded by love and support as you fight for your BFP. 

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it: I feel incredibly lucky for all of the love, prayers, encouragement, and tips I've received throughout my IVF process and pregnancy thus far. It's with this in mind that I want to keep the support going and pass it forward to all of the other parents, soon-to-be parents, and want-to-be parents out there.  God answered your prayers, too. How good is our God!