Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baseline ivf round 3

I am stressed.  We have sold the house done the inspection and now waiting on the appraisal to come back and closing date.  We need to find a place to live until June, when we will know if we are staying or going to Louisville.   We need to find a place and pack up my adorable little house and all before we get to transfer my little embies back around March 18th.  Stella ' s birthday coincidence I think now. :)  anyway all I really want is a plan and healthy babies in my belly.  

Today we had our baseline ultrasound to check my lining and everything looks good to start stim on Mar. 2

Prayers for stress and baby dust.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shot shot shot

Infertility ivf round 3

Tonight we started shot for round 3 of IVF. I'm excited and nervous I really want this to be the one . I know that there's a lot at stake but I really think that all the signs point to God saying