Sunday, September 30, 2012


Don't know why i haven't posted this yet but here is what the layout of the bathroom will look like. 

This will be the storage cabinets on the back wall

Double Vanity


Plumber has been here working on the rough ins and moving the lines and demoing sheet-rock.  Got the tub in this week to but had to return it because the finish on it was weird.  Lots of saw dust and new holes in the kitchen ceiling.  

One the Left is the new rough in for the shower\tub

New Bathtub location

New Toilet Connection\Drain
Wall of Cabinets will be where sheet-rock is

Double Sink rough in

Another view of wall where double sink vanity will be located.
Not sure why they left the old toilet.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Demo Day

Nu-Look came and took out everything!  We are starting fresh.
Plummer is there today!! 


Before Bathroom Pictures 

(Well Before we start ripping everything out)

The Culprit

Bathtub water leaking through kitchen light fixture

Out with the old and in with the new.  We wanted to remodel the upstairs bathroom before we had kids but just didn't know that would be now.  I had just finished cleaning the upstairs jet tub and went down stairs and a waterfall was coming from the canister lights in my kitchen.  I freaked out!  David was off running in the Tough Mudder in Evansville.  I did what i thought was right turned off the water and the power and call my Daddy.  Once David got home we called Nu-Look and they came to the rescue.  They got us setup with fans and dehumidifiers. 

Kitchen Ceiling

Leak Around Tub

Water into Guest Bedroom