Monday, April 23, 2012

Royal Design Studio Stencil

I was 100% impressed with the Royal Design Studios stencil (Moorish Trellis Large). It rolled out of the box perfectly and I put it to use first day I had some time. I stopped at Lowes and picked up Valspar Translucent Iridescent Glaze in Pearl and  I fell madly in love with the shimmery finish that it created.

They sparkle their happy little sparkle dance with each different light. Looking up the length of this wall, you'll see no less than 4 shades of white and silver depending on the level of sunlight in the room.

Best. Decision. Ever. 

I started by measuring the center top and I taped it to the wall using painters tape and rolled it with a 2 inch foam roller. The stencil had a triangles in each corner that i marked with a white wax pencil to keep the stencil straight while moving down the wall then to the left and right..  
The gray is the same color as my Master Bedroom (Elephant). The blue (Olympic B61-3 Pitter Patter) is a color i bought for the bathroom upstairs and didn't like so i threw it in the soon to be office nook. 

Cant wait for my Grandfather to finish my built in desk for this nook.  Its coming together so nicely!  Next getting rid of these nasty, nasty, carpets the previous owners left us with. 

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